Drug Detection Times In Urine

One of the commonest questions asked.

The following guide covers urine drug testing only.

Dose size and route of administration are among the factors which determine the period after use during which the drugs or metabolites might be detected in a urine sample. As these are almost always “unknown” all drug detection periods are normally given as a window and will cover around 90% of cases.

Amphetamine 3-5 days

Barbiturates 1-5 days (longer for Phenobarbitone)

Benzodiazepines 2-30 days depending on half live of drug

Cannabis 3-30 days

Cocaine 3-5 days

Codeine 1-2 days

Dihydrocodeine 1-2 days

Methadone 3-7 days

Morphine 3-5 days

Propoxyphene 2-4 days

MDMA 2-4 days

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