Clubbers confuse ecstasy powder with cocaine

Ecstasy really is in the news this weekend. Read this article today in the Guardian

Sales of ecstasy in powder form make it increasingly difficult for drug takers to know what mind-altering substance they are consuming, a senior government adviser warned yesterday.

A rise in the importation of high-purity powder or crystal ecstasy has led to clubbers confusing it with cocaine, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACDM) heard at an open session reviewing legal classification.

Prof David Nutt, the council’s incoming chairman, said: “If you are buying white powders from someone, how do you know if you are getting MDMA [ecstasy’s main ingredient], methamphetamine or cocaine? It’s potentially very dangerous.” Powdered ecstasy was “massively more powerful” than tablet form.

Dr Paul Dargan, head of the poisons unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’s hospital, told the meeting: “We see a lot of patients who have taken powder they think is cocaine but was actually MDMA.

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