Digital Breathalysers at under £50.00

Many breathalysers are available on the European market, and the choice for consumers is confusing, with many seemingly similar breathalyzers making claims on accuracy, value and performance.

Whichever breathalyzer takes your fancy here are some key features to consider when choosing a digital breathalyser to buy:

  • All digital breathalysers will require calibration service regularly to keep them accurate
  • Breathalysers offering changeable sensors avoid you having to send the complete breathalyzer back to a service centre
  • Breathalyzers taking mouth pieces give more accurate results than “blow at the hole” models
  • Breathalyser should take standard batteries
  • Buy from a reputable established breathalyzer dealer, your warrantee is with the UK supplier.

I recommend avoiding key ring and micro breathalyzers. They are not reliable for long periods, and are unlikely to be cost effective to service, so these very cheap breathalyzers should be viewed as consumable novelty items. I would not personally rely on one!

Expect to pay between £30 and £50 for a reliable digital breathalyser which is likely to meet your expectations of reliability, build quality and accuracy. In this price range I recommend the DA5000 digital breathalyser with pro mg/100ml BAC display