Breathalyser News-New Police Powers To Tackle Drink Driving

This article extract below  is from the Daily Mail 18/10/08

Drivers to be given random breath tests and lose right to a second chance

Higher numbers of motorists are set to be convicted of drink-driving thanks to a new and more accurate roadside breathalyser being introduced in the UK.

New police powers to tackle drink-driving will see more people being breathalysed at random and those just over the limit denied the right to a second blood test, it has been reported.

The Government plans to put new roadside mobile breathalysers – which give a more accurate reading – in all patrol cars from next year,  eliminating the need for police to take a motorist to the station for a further test.

It means that those just over the limit could end up facing drink-driving charges because the test effectively closes a loophole which allows hundreds of drivers to escape conviction.

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One in ten adults admits taking illegal drugs in the past year

Just read this article at Mail Online. Here is an extract from the article

One in ten adults admits using illegal drugs in the past year, startling new Home Office figures reveal.

The statistics show that more people are taking the most harmful Class A substances than ten years ago.

Of the three million people aged 16 to 59 who have taken at least one illegal drug over the past 12 months, almost a million admit using the hardest drugs, including cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. Almost 750,000 have snorted cocaine.

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Methamphetaine and MDMA tests how do they vary and what do they detect ?

Methamphetamine and MDMA (Methylenedioxymethampetamine) are chemically very similar and while drug test membranes specific to only MDMA Ecstacy are available, most drug test membranes for Methamphetamine MET will also detect MDMA (ecstacy)

As most MDMA is made in illicit labs, most tablets sold and Ecstacy also contain other amphetamine esters, including MET.

As a consequence the MET test membrane is a good general screen, detecting much which is sold as pills or tablets in clubs etc. If you specifically want to identify MDMA in its pure form buy the MDMA test membrane

Opiate, Methadone & Buprenorphine drug testing

Testing for these 3 drug groups often confuses people, with the common concern that tests will not differentiate between the 3.

Manufacturers have carefully developed  test membranes which are specific to to each type of drug to enable testers and treatment agencies to immediately detect each drug group without having to refer to laboratory tests.

So individual tests are available to detect Opiates (MOP ,heroin, codeine, morphine) Methadone and Buprenorphine which have no cross reactivity.

Oral Drug test. Now CE approved for professional testing now offers both home drug test and professional drug test pack options of the intsantview 5 drug saliva (oral Fluid) drug testing kit

This saliva drug test has been available in home test formats for 8 months, but has this year gained it’s CE approval for sales in Europe as a professional IVDD (in-Vitro Diagnostic Device) opening professional markets for this easy to use saliva drug test kit.

Sold in the UK as the UK drugtesting 5 drug saliva drug test, the test kit screens saliva for

Cannabis, 12ng/ml up to 14 hrs
Cocaine, 20ng/ml up to 24hrs
Opiates, 40ng/ml up to 48 hrs
Amphetamine, 50ng/nl up to 72 hrs
Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 48 hrs

With the detection time indicated, this saliva drug test is one of only a handfull offering saliva Benzodiazepine detection.

More details and pricing on oral fluid saliva drug testing kits 

Buy UK Breathalysers UK specific Breathalyser options

UK Breathalysers settings vary from international models. Choosing a digital breathalyser which offers UK specific settings, has UK based technical support and service options can enhance the ownership experience and overall value considerably.

ValueBreathalysers is a professional medical supply company specialising in the supply and service of UK specific breathalysers and drug and alcohol testing kits to professional, business and consumer purchasers.

Details of UK legislation and testing guides can be found on their web site. All digital breathalysers supplied come pre-set to UK specifications and all alarm settings are pre-set to give end users ample notice of significant blood alcohol readings.

Breathalyser sales are backed up with full UK based warrantee and service, together with best value breathalyser consumables and spares. Post sales support is excellent with many satisfied customer testimonials, all available on their well maintained web site by the pro-active management team.

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Addaction launched major awareness campaign for drugs and alcohol treatment in UK

Earlier this month Addaction, a leading UK drugs and alcohol addiction treatment charity, launched a major awareness campaign for drug and alcohol treatment in the UK .

An advertising campaign for its £10 million fundraising appeal will target head-on the perception of drug and alcohol treatment as an unfashionable and unpopular cause to support. The appeal has been launched to respond to the scale of drug and alcohol addiction among young people in the UK.

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Primary school children are to be given compulsory lessons on the dangers of drugs, the Government has confirmed

The government backed initiative is aimed at steering youngsters away from drug and alcohol misuse.

It will mean primary school children will learn from the age of five about topics such as the effects of drugs on the body.

As pupils progress through school they will be given detailed information about the risks of drug and alcohol misuse

The announcement follows reviews into sex and drugs education in school.

Announcing the findings Schools Minister Jim Knight said: “Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) should be made statutory. It should be supported by a statutory programme of study in order to give it an increased status in schools and with school leaders.”


Home Drug Test : Which home drug test to choose ?

Home Drug test kits are now available from specialist suppliers over the internet and in some shops. The choice of home drug tests can be confusing, but it can be simple if you first choose which drugs you need to test for and look for these on the test you are purchasing.

Most home drug tests use urine to test for the drugs being excreted. while messy and embarasing to collect, this form of home drug test does offer the longest detecting times for any home test kit. If you choose to test saliva, it will be easier to collect, but the detection times will be a lot less (14-24 hrs for most Drugs)

These codes are commonly used

  • THC=Cannabis
  • MOP or OPI =opiates (heroin)
  • AMP= amphetamine
  • COC = cocaine
  • MET = Methamphetamine (Crystal Ice)
  • MDMA = Ecstacy
  • MTD = Methadone
  • BUP = Buprenorphine
  • BZO = Benzodiazepines
  • BAR = Barbituates
  • TCA = Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • PXP = Propoxythene
  • OXY = Oxycodone

Urine tests come in simple dip strip formats, cassette tests with pipettes, or panel or multi-panel combinations which simultaneously screen a single sample for a pre-determined group of drugs with individual results for each drug group. some panels come in collection cup systems which contain and retain the sample if needed for confirmation testing.

See home drug test catalogues and options