NEW Fuel Cell Breathalyser available in UK DA8000

The new Alcoscent DA-8000 is a digital breathalyzer with professional fuel cell sensor, which is now availble in the UK. Imported by Valuebreathalysers, operated by Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd, the DA8000  Breathalyser offers for the first time reliable fuel cell breathalyser features at under £100

The DA8000 is also one of only a handfull of breathalysers capable of detecting up to 5.00%BAC or 500mg/100ml Blood alcohol Concentration, giving it a market advantage over many breathalyser models which stop at 400mg/100ml

The DA8000  hand held unit is also packed with features to ensure only accurate blood alcohol concentration readings are returned. The hand held breathalyser samples a 5 second deep breath lung sample, and electronically converts the measured alcohol to the corresponding blood alcohol Concentration (BAC) , displayed as % BAC

Taking standard fitting consumables the DA8000 also sees an end to expensive and limited availability consumables, so long a feature of Police grade units.

Full DA8000 Breathalyser Information