New Oraline Drug Test provides the easy to read results you need

The new Oraline saliva drug testing kit is unique in that:

  • it tests for the parent drug and not the metabolite, which in certain case are not present in saliva.
  • it collects saliva directly into the testing device
  • uses only the highest quality membranes manufactured in USA
  • the membranes were developed specifically for use with saliva
  • colour coded strips clearly indicate position of reaction zones and test integrity

The oraline saliva testing kit makes saliva drug screening quick, easy and affordable and delivers accurate results

There is no need for special training or expensive equipment to administer the Oraline Saliva Drug Test

Provides on-site rapid-results for

Marijuana 4ng detection for 14-24hrs
Cocaine 25ng detection for 24-48hrs
Opiates 2ng detection for 7-21hrs
Methamphetamines 3.75ng detection for 72hrs

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