AL7000 Digital Breathalyser

The AL7000 Digital breathalyser is a small hand held portable breath alcohol analyser (breathalyser) offering a wealth of features and excellent accuracy.

The AL7000 is sold worldwide and has a growing reputation for accuracy and reliability.

The All new Prism sensor technology is one of the most robust semi conductor sensors available, making the unit robust in daily use and resistant to failure if droppedĀ  The prism sensor has its accuracy waited to lower levels of alcohol detection making selectivity levels possible of +/-0.005%BAC at 0.050% BAC (Blood alcohol concentration%) This gives it the edge over many other digital units only able to differentiate +/-0.01%BAc at 0.10%BAC

The AL7000 has a clear and easy to read 4 digit LCD display 0.000

It also has the easiest and faster to change exchangeable sensor module, accessed through a hatch on the reverse of the unit.

With in built error technologies and sensor monitoring ( the unit will tell users when it is time to change the sensor module) The AL7000 offers great value and ensures ongoing accurate test results are obtained at all times.

Available to NHS purchasers and consumers the AL7000 is an ideal choice for anyone considering a digital breathalyser and demanding accuracy and reliability.

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