DA8000 Fuel Cell Breathalyser Meets NHS Contract listings

The Newly introduced DA8000 Fuel cell Breathalyser marketed by Valuebreathalysers, A division of Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd www.valuebreathalysers.co.uk is now an NHS contract breathalyser.

NHS purchasers can now take advantage of contract pricing and immediate access to PPQ information for the DA8000 Breathalyser.

The DA8000 breathalyser is an ideal unit for clinical dependent accuracy testing, offering clinicians immediate alcohol level detection and measurement with fuel cell accuracy and reliability. The DA8000 has dual CE and ROHS certification for EU sales and for the first time brings fuel cell units to the UK market at below £100.

Consumables and technical servicing and support for the DA8000 are offered by Valuebreathalysers from its dedicated service centre based on the Hexgreave Hall Business Park in Nottinghamshire. A further market winning feature of the DA series is it’s use of universal (low cost) mouth piece consumables, reducing cost-per-use to end users.

For further details visit their web site here

E-mail trade@valuemed.co.uk

Tel 01623 883 830