Home Drug Test : Which home drug test to choose ?

Home Drug test kits are now available from specialist suppliers over the internet and in some shops. The choice of home drug tests can be confusing, but it can be simple if you first choose which drugs you need to test for and look for these on the test you are purchasing.

Most home drug tests use urine to test for the drugs being excreted. while messy and embarasing to collect, this form of home drug test does offer the longest detecting times for any home test kit. If you choose to test saliva, it will be easier to collect, but the detection times will be a lot less (14-24 hrs for most Drugs)

These codes are commonly used

  • THC=Cannabis
  • MOP or OPI =opiates (heroin)
  • AMP= amphetamine
  • COC = cocaine
  • MET = Methamphetamine (Crystal Ice)
  • MDMA = Ecstacy
  • MTD = Methadone
  • BUP = Buprenorphine
  • BZO = Benzodiazepines
  • BAR = Barbituates
  • TCA = Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • PXP = Propoxythene
  • OXY = Oxycodone

Urine tests come in simple dip strip formats, cassette tests with pipettes, or panel or multi-panel combinations which simultaneously screen a single sample for a pre-determined group of drugs with individual results for each drug group. some panels come in collection cup systems which contain and retain the sample if needed for confirmation testing.

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