Personal Breathalyser choice : Best UK Breathalyser options

Many people consider purchasing a personal breathalyser at this time of year for self testing the morning after the night before.

The choice for consumers in the sub £60 market is quite large and the options and features offered by breathalysers can be confusing.

For personal testing we recommend breathalysers which have the follwing features.

1) Choose a unit with mouth tubes you put your lips round. Saving on mouth pieces may seem a good money saving idea, but blowing at a hole reduces the accuracy of the tests considerably

2) Choose a unit which samples for at least 5 seconds

3) Look for simple flow checking or error checking technology, so that only good samples are reported by the unit

4) Manufacturers accuracy should be at least +/- 0.01% BAC Anything less avoid.

5) Check the unit can be re-calibrated or that the sensor module is exchangeable.

The last feature is critcal if you expect the unit to last more than 6 months as it will require calibration service or sensor exchange to keep it accurate. Calibration setting is a consumable, like petrol in a car, the warrantee doesn’t cover the car stoping working because of an empty tank. Expect each sensor setting to last for 300 to 700 tests, but this is very variable.

Our personal recommendation for a good accurate personal breathalyser which wont disappoint the DA5000 breathalyser from ValueBreathalysers