Oral Drug test. Now CE approved for professional testing

www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk now offers both home drug test and professional drug test pack options of the intsantview 5 drug saliva (oral Fluid) drug testing kit

This saliva drug test has been available in home test formats for 8 months, but has this year gained it’s CE approval for sales in Europe as a professional IVDD (in-Vitro Diagnostic Device) opening professional markets for this easy to use saliva drug test kit.

Sold in the UK as the UK drugtesting 5 drug saliva drug test, the test kit screens saliva for

Cannabis, 12ng/ml up to 14 hrs
Cocaine, 20ng/ml up to 24hrs
Opiates, 40ng/ml up to 48 hrs
Amphetamine, 50ng/nl up to 72 hrs
Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 48 hrs

With the detection time indicated, this saliva drug test is one of only a handfull offering saliva Benzodiazepine detection.

More details and pricing on oral fluid saliva drug testing kits