Breathalyser News-New Police Powers To Tackle Drink Driving

This article extract below  is from the Daily Mail 18/10/08

Drivers to be given random breath tests and lose right to a second chance

Higher numbers of motorists are set to be convicted of drink-driving thanks to a new and more accurate roadside breathalyser being introduced in the UK.

New police powers to tackle drink-driving will see more people being breathalysed at random and those just over the limit denied the right to a second blood test, it has been reported.

The Government plans to put new roadside mobile breathalysers – which give a more accurate reading – in all patrol cars from next year,  eliminating the need for police to take a motorist to the station for a further test.

It means that those just over the limit could end up facing drink-driving charges because the test effectively closes a loophole which allows hundreds of drivers to escape conviction.

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