Alcohol Breath Testers for Christmas

As the festive season and office party season approaches it is worth thinking about ensuring you safety and license are not put at risk.

A new range of single use breath tests are available to have in your glove box of hand bag.

Single use breath tests simply give an easy to interpret colour change if the alcohol level reaches a pre-set warning level.

Tests with levels of 0.05% BAC and 0.08%BAC are availble for Europe and the UK (0.08%BAC is the current UK prosecution level for normal driving licenses)

Users should normally consider the 0.05%BAC tests, as they allow a good margin before the 0.08%BAC prosecution level is reached, and there can be a time delay with rising alcohol after the last drink is comsummed.

These tests should not be used as a test of “safe to drive” after routine or regular drinking. Do not drink and drive, even low alcohol levels impair driving ability. They are best reserved for the morning after the night before as a screen for residual alcohol.

breath alcohol tests