Is the ‘Happy Hour’ to be a thing of the past ?

Today MP’s are to call for an end to alcohol promotions such as the ‘happy hour’ to come to an end.

A Home Affairs Select Committee report on policing will report on the increasing problems caused to the police by the changes in the alcohol legislation in 2005

Here is an extract from the todays Times newspaper coverage

Cheap drinks promotions such as happy hours and price discounts should to be banned in an attempt to address growing evidence of rising drunken violence, MPs will say today.

Police forces are diverting significant resources into alcohol-related crime at the expense of other offences, the Home Affairs Select Committee will report.

In a major report on policing, it sounded a warning of the growing problems caused by changes to the licensing laws in 2005, as well as raising a raft of concerns about other areas of police work.

The committee is calling for cheap drink promotions to be banned as part of a move to make the alcohol trade’s voluntary standards compulsory with a more effective inspection regime and penalties for breaches. In 2007, alcohol was 69 per cent more affordable in Britain than in 1980.

The report highlighted a 25 per cent increase in serious violent crimes committed between 3am and 6am, and pointed to British Crime Survey figures showing 45 per cent of victims of violence say their assailant was under the influence of alcohol.

The committee expressed concerned that, as one force put it, “the whole focus of officer shift patterns is to deploy sufficient resources at weekends to cope with alcohol-fuelled disorder, and football violence”. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has said that alcohol is a factor in over 30 per cent of city centre arrests.

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