AL6000 Digital Breathalyser

The AL6000 breathalyser offers the latest in cutting-edge breath alcohol sensing technology as well as powerful and convenient features to ensure the highest accuracy.

A big advantage to the Al6000 model over earlier breathalysers is that it has interchangable SEMICON sensor modules and so does not require to be sent away for recalibration service.

Special Features of the AL600 Breathalyser

Self change sensor module to calibrate
Active pressure sensor ensures deep-lung breath sampling
Cumulative test counter
Low battery indicator
Auto power off
Dual-Mode- The 6000 Pro is also the worlds first and only personal breathalyser that can be operated in dual-mode; it can be operated with a mouthpiece (5 included) for digital accuracy or you can blow directly into the unit to share between multiple people and obtain a broader range readings (eg. “Lo”, “Mod” or “Hi”)

AL6000 breathalyser will detect and indicate to user when a replacement sensor module is required and display “CAL” or “SEN” display until a replacement sensor module is fitted.

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