Breathalyser Mouthpieces-what are the differences ?

Breathalyser mouthpieces are used with all top end and professional quality breathalysers. They serve two purposes.

  1. To form a sealed tube allowing only lung breath to enter the sampling sensor chamber
  2. Prevent saliva contamination and physical contact of the digital breathalyser

On older CA2000 based models a simple cover is available, usually refered to as “breathalyser cover” to differentiate it from the longer mouth pieces or tubes (which also fit these models)

Universal breathalyser mouth piece tubes are available in standard or professional options. In the professional option the breathalyser mouthpiece tube incorporates a one way or uni-directional valve. This only allows the passage of breath into the breathalyser, and closes if the pressure becomes negative, preventing the breathaliser triggering if the sampler sucks on the tube in an attempt to prevent accurate sampling.

The professional uni-directional breathalyser mouthpiece tubes are recommended for all compliance or screening breathalyser test environments, as the extra chain of custody offered increases overall accuracy.

 Key features

When choosing a breathalyser look for a breathalyser requiring mouth pieces. These prevent infection control risk and increase accuracy. Units that you simply blow at, will never achieve the same accuracy, even with the same electronics, and are a false economy.

Mouth pieces are mainly used as disposable as this prevents any infection control risk.

If breathalysers are being purchased for individual use or family use where infection risk is not an issue, they are robust enough to last the lifetime of the breathalyser and most are supplied with 3-5 mouth pieces. They can be washed and sterlilised using Milton or other home sterilising solutions, and even go through dish-washers

For employment or clinic screening buy a combination of standard and professional mouth pieces.

Universal fitting breathalyser mouth pieces fit all these breathalysers

  • DA8000
  • DA7000
  • DA5000
  • AL5000
  • AL7000
  • AL6000
  • CA2000
  • Alcomate series
  • Alcohawk ABI & Pro

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