Breathalyser gift ideas

Many people consider giving a breathalyser as a present, particularly at christmas, when drink driving campaigns are being run and the party season is in full swing.

 So which breathalyser makes the best choice and which breathalyser makes the best value gift ?  Here are a few suggestions for digital breathalysers which will not dissapoint in use and are presented in perfect presentation boxes for best impact and easy wrapping.

At the lower end of the market the AL2500 comes in a perfect presentation box, including batteries and user manual. The Al2500 breathalyser is small and compact and is ideal for an occasional use personal testing device. The AL2500 breathalyser does not use mouth pieces, while this does reduce the accuracy compared to top end professional breathalysers, it retains adequate accuracy for personal home use with +/-0.02% BAC and an alarm setting of 0.05% BAC 

For greater accuracy go for the AL2500 Prime unit in black. This version of the AL2500 breathalyser comes in a black finished case and incorporates an advanced flow checking technology which means the Al2500 Prime Breathalysers will only give measured readings after good quality blown samples. Recommended ! Units start from £23-26.00 delivered.

Under £50.00 buys you the all new 2009 model DA5000 breathalyser. With upgraded electronics and programming the DA5000 breathalyser offers professional levels of accuracy with the highly reliable semicon sensor. With flow check, firewire and auto-diagnostic sensor checking accurate results are easy to obtain. The  DA5000 breathalysers come in an attractive presentation box with batteries, user manual, carry strap and soft case. 5 mouth piece units are included with the DA5000 breathalyser and these should last the personal user the life time of the breathalyser. The DA5000 displays when to replace the sensor module, which can be performed at home, avoiding having to send the breathaliser for calibration service. Excellent value and again highly recommended.

£75.00 is all it takes these days to buy a top end DA7000 precise digital breathalyser. With professional inbuilt technologies, the DA7000 breathalyser offers high levels of accuracy, combined with simple one button operation, and easy change sensor facilities. Presented in an easy to wrap box with batteries, user manual, wrist strap, soft carry case and 5 mouth pieces, the DA7000 comes ready for testing and will offer years of trouble free high accuracy alcohol testing.