Saliva screens for cocaine use

Single use saliva tests to detect cocaine use are now available for public and professional use here in the UK. The tests need no additional materials or training to complete a screen for cocaine and crack cocaine, in under 5 minutes, using a simple sample of saliva.

Just revove the cocaine test from its foil and remove the cover to expose the tongue like swab which can be wet with saliva dirrectly or dipped into a sample pot. The drug test membrane then works and will display a positive result if cocaine is present (one control line only) and a negative result (control and test line, 2 lines) if cocaine is not detected at above the sensitivity of the test membrane. The sensitivity is set to avoid any accidental environmental exposure to cocaine from bank notes or other sources. Results are reliable and easy to interpret.

The cocaine saliva drug tests are sold in packs of 5 

Cocaine urine test kits are also available.