Oraline IV Multi Drug Saliva Drug Screen

The Oraline IV saliva drug test has been launched by Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd into the UK market for sales as a professional medical diagnostic screen for drugs of abuse.

Available in professional cartons of 25 test kits, Oraline IV saliva drug test offers market leading sensitivity for Cannabis THC detection at just 4ng/ml

Oraline IV incorporates a patented saliva collection spoon for true single step testing, although the device can also be used with cup collected saliva samples

Oraline IV multi drug saliva drug screen provides on-site rapid-results for

Marijuana 4ng detection for 14-24hrs
Cocaine 25ng detection for 24-48hrs
Opiates 2ng detection for 7-21hrs
Methamphetamines 3.75ng detection for 72hrs

The Oraline IV drug test is CE marked and FDA approved for clinical IVDD use worldwide.

Oral fluid saliva multi drug saliva drug testing kitsĀ