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At this time of year we are often asked for advice from customers purchasing for presents.

Everyone is looking for the holy grail of low cost and high accuracy in an easy to use sub £30 breathalyser.

We suggest a good compromise digital breathalyser for personal use is the AL2500 and AL2500 prime breathalyser models. These 2 breathalysers look identical apart from the silver finish on the AL2500 and black finish on the prime. Internally they are slightly different with greater flow checking built into the AL2500 prime breathalyser version.

They are the size and shape of mobile phones, take standard AA batteries and will give 300-700 tests before the accuracy of the calibration goes. The Al2500 units are not designed to have sensor changes, so in most cases they should be used and replaced as a consumable breath tester. (the cost of breathalyser calibration service for the Al2500 at an approved service centre exceeds the purchase costs)

The Al2500 breathalysers come nicely boxed and presented with batteries and user guides, are easy to wrap and make an ideal low cost breathalyser for personal use. Accuracy is +/-0.01%BAC under control testing, but the lack of a sealed tube sample system does reduce the overall accuracy slightly in the field. With an audible alarm set at 0.05%BAC (UK prosecution noral vehicle is currently 0.08%BAC (date 10.12.08)) both of the AL2500 breathalysers offer excellent value for money.

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NEW model DA5000 digital breathalyser launched in UK

ValueBreathalysers is proud to announce the launch of the new 2009 model DA5000 digital semi-conductor breathalyser.

Now supplied in our own ValueBreathalysers Branding the hand held Breathalyser sets the benchmark for clinic use alcohol breath detection and screening, offering for the first time professional levels of accuracy in a unit costing just £34.77

The ValueBreathalysers DA5000 unit offers clinicians

  • single button operation 
  • sensor cleanse each test cycle improves accuracy
  • 5 second deep breath lung sampling.
  • flow check sample monitoring prevents suboptimal sampling-
  • accuracy of +/-5mg/100ml BAC at levels of 50mg/100ml (+/-0.005%BAC @ 0.05%BAC)
  • direct 3 digit mg/100ml blood alcohol concentration display
  • low cost self exchange sensor for on site “self” calibration service
  • low cost mouth piece tubes

Customer feedback on the 2008 model DA5000 remains excellent. The unit is proving robust and reliable. The new 2009 model offers ungraded firewire system management and data processing making the unit easier to read, faster to reset after sensor change and improves the user experience and confidence in the sensor function.

Professional users who have up-graded to the 2009 DA5000 find it’s easy to read 3 digit display clearer and easier to interpret than other models. With the units clearly displayed and the display scale also clear on the from display (mg/100ml) there is no change of confusion when measuring and recording results.

Further details on the DA5000 Breathalyser

Cocaine Risks

High doses can raise the body’s temperature, cause convulsions and respiratory or heart failure

Highly risky for anybody with high blood pressure or a heart condition. Perfectly healthy, young people can have a fit or heart attack after taking too much coke and you may not know you’ve got a pre-existing heart condition

Heavy use can cause depression and serious problems with anxiety and paranoia

Can bring previous mental health problems to the surface

Alcohol and cocaine together can be particularly dangerous as the substances interact in the body to produce a toxic chemical.

Cocaine drug testing kits

New TV ad campaign launched aimed at teenagers warning about the perils of Cocaine use

The government yesterday launched a new anti Cocaine ad campain warning youngsters about the risks of Cocaine use and Cocaine addiction.

The 1 million pound campaign which will appear on television and the internet is to highlight the dangers posed by Cocaine to the users health &  personality as well as the social costs of Cocaine use and Cocaine addiction.

Cocaine a class A drug was once only popular in fashionable London society, but has now gained in popularity across the whole country and across all social groups.

The campaign has been launched by TalktoFrank, the government funded campaign which provides young people and their families with information & advice about drugs.

Dawn Primarolo, the Health Minister, said: “There is a darker side to using cocaine which this campaign exposes. Addiction, personality change and the risk of heart attacks – even at a young age – can ruin the health and lives of cocaine users and their families.”

Click here to visit the TalktoFrank website and find out more about Cocaine use

Click here to visit BBC news and watch the video about Cocaine use