NEW model DA5000 digital breathalyser launched in UK

ValueBreathalysers is proud to announce the launch of the new 2009 model DA5000 digital semi-conductor breathalyser.

Now supplied in our own ValueBreathalysers Branding the hand held Breathalyser sets the benchmark for clinic use alcohol breath detection and screening, offering for the first time professional levels of accuracy in a unit costing just £34.77

The ValueBreathalysers DA5000 unit offers clinicians

  • single button operation 
  • sensor cleanse each test cycle improves accuracy
  • 5 second deep breath lung sampling.
  • flow check sample monitoring prevents suboptimal sampling-
  • accuracy of +/-5mg/100ml BAC at levels of 50mg/100ml (+/-0.005%BAC @ 0.05%BAC)
  • direct 3 digit mg/100ml blood alcohol concentration display
  • low cost self exchange sensor for on site “self” calibration service
  • low cost mouth piece tubes

Customer feedback on the 2008 model DA5000 remains excellent. The unit is proving robust and reliable. The new 2009 model offers ungraded firewire system management and data processing making the unit easier to read, faster to reset after sensor change and improves the user experience and confidence in the sensor function.

Professional users who have up-graded to the 2009 DA5000 find it’s easy to read 3 digit display clearer and easier to interpret than other models. With the units clearly displayed and the display scale also clear on the from display (mg/100ml) there is no change of confusion when measuring and recording results.

Further details on the DA5000 Breathalyser

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  1. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for your comment & question. I will pass it on to one of our breathalyser technical advisors.
    Kind regards

  2. I purchased one of these several years ago and it has served me well. I was considering upgrading to a newer model & while researching found your article online.
    Can you advise me which breathalysers I should consider ? Many thanks

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