New TV ad campaign launched aimed at teenagers warning about the perils of Cocaine use

The government yesterday launched a new anti Cocaine ad campain warning youngsters about the risks of Cocaine use and Cocaine addiction.

The 1 million pound campaign which will appear on television and the internet is to highlight the dangers posed by Cocaine to the users health &  personality as well as the social costs of Cocaine use and Cocaine addiction.

Cocaine a class A drug was once only popular in fashionable London society, but has now gained in popularity across the whole country and across all social groups.

The campaign has been launched by TalktoFrank, the government funded campaign which provides young people and their families with information & advice about drugs.

Dawn Primarolo, the Health Minister, said: “There is a darker side to using cocaine which this campaign exposes. Addiction, personality change and the risk of heart attacks – even at a young age – can ruin the health and lives of cocaine users and their families.”

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