Cheap Breathalyser stocking filler-AL2500

At this time of year we are often asked for advice from customers purchasing for presents.

Everyone is looking for the holy grail of low cost and high accuracy in an easy to use sub £30 breathalyser.

We suggest a good compromise digital breathalyser for personal use is the AL2500 and AL2500 prime breathalyser models. These 2 breathalysers look identical apart from the silver finish on the AL2500 and black finish on the prime. Internally they are slightly different with greater flow checking built into the AL2500 prime breathalyser version.

They are the size and shape of mobile phones, take standard AA batteries and will give 300-700 tests before the accuracy of the calibration goes. The Al2500 units are not designed to have sensor changes, so in most cases they should be used and replaced as a consumable breath tester. (the cost of breathalyser calibration service for the Al2500 at an approved service centre exceeds the purchase costs)

The Al2500 breathalysers come nicely boxed and presented with batteries and user guides, are easy to wrap and make an ideal low cost breathalyser for personal use. Accuracy is +/-0.01%BAC under control testing, but the lack of a sealed tube sample system does reduce the overall accuracy slightly in the field. With an audible alarm set at 0.05%BAC (UK prosecution noral vehicle is currently 0.08%BAC (date 10.12.08)) both of the AL2500 breathalysers offer excellent value for money.

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