Drinking in early pregnancy may increase risk of premature birth, doctors say

A recent study of  4,719 women in Australia  has warned that  women who drink heavily early in pregnancy, possibly before they know they even know they are pregnant, may be increasing their risk of having a premature birth.

The study found the risk of premature delivery was 80% higher for women who drank heavily in the first third of pregnancy, then stopped.

Experts however warned that it was possible that these results were a “statistical quirk”.

The Study was published in the BJOG on 21/1/09 and has received extensive press coverage

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The BJOG journal study found no evidence of problems for women who drank low levels throughout pregnancy.

The subject of alcohol and pregnancy has been controversial over recent years, with most guidelines now advising no alcohol , while other specialists believe that drinking small amounts is unlikely to harm the developing child.

This latest Australian study suggests that the period during which binge or heavy drinking has the greatest effect is during the first trimester.

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Frank on Cannabis

The new TV campaign focussing on the mental health harms of Cannabis is now running.

Aimed at 11-18 yr olds the campaign will cost £2.2m and run for 6 weeks.

Cannabis remains the most commonly used drug in the UK but rates of usage are 10% lower in the 16-24yr age group compared to 10 years ago.

Greater mental health risks are associated with stronger Skunk cannabis and the rise in binge smoking. The campaign aims to message that these new forms of drug and habit are not associated with the “soft drug” view of cannabis held by many young users.

Drugs & Alcohol Today Exibition

The drugs and alcohol today annual exibition for professionals takes place on wednesday 29th april 2009 at the Business Design Centre London

Pre booked tickets are £20 and are available from the organisers.

The event brings together over 60 organisations, with exhibitors and seminars. The event carries PRTL accreditation.

New Cannabis TV Ad Campaign

A new cannabis ad campaign was launched last week in UK warning about the links between Cannabis use and mental health problems.

The TV advert shows possible Cannabis side-effects such as as memory loss, paranoia & panic attacks. The £2.2m Home Office campaign, has been launched to coincide with drug’s recent reclassification from class c to class B. Cannabis is now the most popular illegal recreational drug.

The new TV Cannabis ad campaign is aimed at 11 to 18-year-olds. It urges those curious about the Cannabis to “Talk to Frank” by calling an information line or visiting a website.

The ‘Talk to Frank’ website gives advice & information on the dangers of drugs, the law around drug use & how to get help.

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Cannabis urine drug testing kits

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Over a third of adults exceed daily limits for alcohol

Last month the Office for National Statistics published its findings from the general household survey

Over a third of adults exceeded the daily limits for regular drinking on at least one day during the week before interview despite growing awareness of safe drinking levels, annual data on smoking and drinking from the Office for National Statistics showed

Current advice on drinking is that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol and women should not regularly drink more than two to three units. The General Household Survey (GHS) 2007 report shows that 37 per cent of adults exceeded the benchmark and 20 per cent of adults consumed more than double the benchmark on their heaviest drinking day of the week


Cannabis: The Evil Weed? Horizon BBC2 tonight 9pm watch it

Cannabis is the world’s favourite recreational drug (excluding alcohol and tobacco of course), but also one of the least understood.

Can Cannabis cause schizophrenia?

Is  Cannabis addictive?

Can Cannabis lead you on to harder drugs?

Or is Cannabis simply a herb, an undervalued medicine?

These questions and more will be answered on tonights Horizon Special on Cannabis in which addiction specialist Dr John Marsden discovers that modern science is finally beginning to find answers to these questions about Cannabis.

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Are professional women drinking too much ?

A Glasgow study published in the journal of Alcohol & Alcoholism has suggested that higher achieving women are drinking more than women from lower socio economic groups. The study suggests a growing number of women from affluent backgrounds are risking their health by drinking dangerous amounts.

Among middle class women wine was found to be the most popular form of alcohol.

The study which was based on interviews with 2,000 men & women in the west of Scotland also found that working-class men outdrank professional men.

Alcohol and Alcoholism is the official journal of the Medical Council on Alcohol