New 2009 model DA5000 Digital Breathalyser now best value breathalyser

New 2009 model DA5000 Digital Breathalyser goes from strength to strength

The new 2009 model DA5000 breathalysers are proving very popular as expected. They are compact, highly accuarte, robust & are ideal for personal or business use. 

The DA5000 breathalyser is proving very popular because it offers great value for money & high accuracy at an affordable price, particularly important in this current economic climate.

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It also has a replaceable sensor which means that it never needs recalibrating. When the sensor is warn out, you merely buy a replacement pre-calibrated sensor, instead of having to send the unit back to the supplier for calibrating. This saves you time and money.

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Each 2009 Da5000 breathaliser is supplied with presentation box, battery, user manual, 6 mouth pieces & carry case with strap.

Another advantage to the DA5000 breathalizer is that it can be used with either the professional or standard mouthpieces, and these may be purchased in bulk.

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