New Cannabis TV Ad Campaign

A new cannabis ad campaign was launched last week in UK warning about the links between Cannabis use and mental health problems.

The TV advert shows possible Cannabis side-effects such as as memory loss, paranoia & panic attacks. The £2.2m Home Office campaign, has been launched to coincide with drug’s recent reclassification from class c to class B. Cannabis is now the most popular illegal recreational drug.

The new TV Cannabis ad campaign is aimed at 11 to 18-year-olds. It urges those curious about the Cannabis to “Talk to Frank” by calling an information line or visiting a website.

The ‘Talk to Frank’ website gives advice & information on the dangers of drugs, the law around drug use & how to get help.

Click here to visit ‘Talk to Frank Website’

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2 thoughts on “New Cannabis TV Ad Campaign

  1. Have you seen it?

    Don’t you think it’s utter garbage that is more likely to strengthen the government’s position as out of touch and uninformed?

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