What is Skunk and how does it differ from the usual Cannabis?

Skunk is an addictive and powerful form of cannabis that has been linked to mental health problems in users.

Skunk is a particularly potent form of Cannabis and has been linked to schizophrenia in several studies. It is thought that up to 25% of new cases of Schizophrenia could be linked to its use.

Young men who smoke cannabis seem to be particularly at risk of developing mental health problems which include loss of concentration, paranoia, aggressiveness and possible development of psychosis

Because of its potency users are more likely to become addicted to Skunk and may require a detox to come off it. Withdrawal symptoms from Skunk may include anxiety, sleep disturbance, headaches, mood swings, & tremors.

Some clinical studies have suggested that prolonged Skunk use causes brain damage visible on brain scans

The recent reclassification of Cannabis & the government TV campaign about the dangers of Cannabis has sought to highlight the mental health effects of cannabis use on young people. Much of the cannabis on the streets today is much more potent and addictive than in the past and the dangers to users are increased

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  2. This article is a complete joke. Marijuana bears no physically addictive qualities as this article states, and there are not withdrawal symptons. Hundreds of studies have found that it is less harmful than both tobacco and alcohol.

    Please try the drug for an extended period of time before giving out false information to readers.

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