More info about Skunk

Just read this article about teenagers & skunk from March 16, 2009.

It is quite a long article so I have just given you a taster below. Well worth a read as contains lots of information about skunk as well as a ‘what would you do if your teenagers was smoking skunk’ question and answer session

 Here is an extract from the article below:

Skunk: “Kids think the strong stuff is the best stuff”

There was a furore last week when the novelist Julie Myerson wrote about evicting her teenage son for his “skunk addiction”. She justified it by saying that Britain needed to wake up to the “emergency out there called skunk”.

Myerson’s outburst may have seemed slightly hysterical to anyone whose rite of passage included smoking a joint at some hazy point in the past, yet everything about skunk is more powerful than what came before. Its strength and its pervasiveness were cited by the Government as its reasons for raising cannabis back to a Class B drug in January.

Skunk has created a new domestic drugs industry, making millions for illegal farmers – mainly Vietnamese immigrants – on Britain’s industrial estates, and it has done so in an astonishingly short time. Police seizures show that it accounted for barely 10 per cent of the cannabis sold here in the late 1990s; last year it was 80 per cent.

What struck me, talking to teenagers in the course of writing this piece, was the sheer rapidity of this transformation. I’m in my thirties, yet what young people now regard as “normal” cannabis was unheard of in this country a decade ago. “Skunk is horribly strong – you can practically feel your brain cells knocking off,” says Ben, a 19-year-old student. “But it wasn’t that we asked for it. Growing up in rural Herefordshire, it was all we could get.”

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