Skunk in the newspapers again this week

‘The tragic costs of skunk dependency’

from the The Observer Sunday 22nd March

The Observer has published letters that they received in response to the article by Tracey McVeigh the previous Sunday

Here is one of the published letters:

Following Tracy McVeigh’s illuminating article (“The families torn apart by teenage skunk epidemic”, Focus, last week), I would like to point out some of the fundamental and disturbing effects of cannabis, particularly that containing a higher THC content, on the developing brain of young people.

Regardless of whether it can be the sole cause of new cases of schizophrenia in those who are susceptible, over 20 years I have witnessed the heartbreaking damage it can inflict not only on those who smoke, but on their families. There is no doubt that skunk can trigger psychotic breakdowns and exacerbate the symptoms of any incipient mental illness, such as hallucinations, fear and paranoia.

Anyone who has witnessed a young person being robbed of their motivation and chances would want to ensure the message of its dangers are made clear to all and that we protect the 10% to 20% who are vulnerable and may be at risk of lifelong mental illness, but don’t know that they are.
Marjorie Wallace
Chief executive, Sane
London E1

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