How does a drink driving conviction affect your life ?

About 10 years ago I worked with a man who received a drink driving conviction and was banned from driving for 12 months. He was a professional man and well respected in the local community, and  a car was essential for his job.

It was one of those silly things. His teenage daughter had gone out with friends into the local town for the evening, and was coming back with her friends-another parent was supposed to be picking them up. He settled in for the evening with his wife, the TV and had a few of bottles of beer. About 9pm he got a phone call from his daughter-she had a teenage crisis and needed picking up immediately. Both he and his wife had been drinking. he thought he was OK and anyway the roads were quiet, and were mainly country roads into the town.

He set off. He had not reached the town when he was stopped by a police car, who had been following him on the empty country road for some time. Although he was not aware of it, something about his driving alerted the police man. He may have been speeding as he was worried about his daughter (it was winter & dark & cold)-teenagers ! He was not aware the police car was following him until he saw the flashing blue lights-he just thought it was another car in the dark.

The police car pulled him over and he was breathalysed and found to be well over the limit. He had still not retrieved his daughter and had to ring his wife to arrange for a friend to go a pick his daughter up. (valuable lesson here-when your teenagers are out one of you should refrain from drinking that night, in case you have to retrieve them quickly)

He was taken to a police station, and given a blood test which found he was well over the limits and he was prosecuted.

How did losing his license affect his life:

  • very stressful
  • embaressing for him-having to explain to people why he could not drive
  • inconvenient-he had to wait for other people to drive him around
  • expensive-as he drove every day with his job he had to hire a full time chaffeur

These are inconveniences-imagine the affect on his lfe if he had had an accident or injured or killed someone because of his drink driving

He learned a valuable lesson, and fortunatley no one was injured.

Make sure you THINK before you drink and drive