Cannabis Lambsbread and Scunk

Various varieties of Cannabis seeds and plants are sold and grown as Scunk or lambsbread/scunk F1 varietals.

All contain various concentrations of THC, so for cannabis drug testing purposes the same drug test will detect scunk, cannabis, hashish and any other subspecies indica or sativa derived products including all processed products including resins.

Any use can be detected using cannabis drug test kits

Internet drug treatment programmes rising.

New research from the EMCDDA has highlighted the growth in internet drug treatment programmes. Demand for drug treatment is growing in the EU with service provision being least available in remote rural areas.

While the report highlighted the problems of non contact treatment, it is encouraged by certain models undergoing trials which could offer a cost effective treatment route for some users.

The report concluded much greater evidential research is needed and probably some regulation.

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Latest News-Police warning on cannabis farms

Property owners, letting agents and housing associations will be warned to be on their guard against criminals that rent residential property to use as cannabis farms and drug factories at a seminar organised by police next week.The awareness-raising event will take place on the morning of Thursday 11 June at the City of Manchester Stadium and cover the destructive impact that this crime can have on property and the damage it can do to local communities.It has been organised by Greater Manchester Police’s Scorpion priority group that has been set up to fight drug crime and takes place during a national week of action against drug crime. There will be presentations by police officers, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and the Co-op Insurance Company.Landlords and letting agents will be shown how to recognise the tell-tale signs that their property is being targeted by drug gangs and get advice on what to do in that situation.Video footage and photographs of cannabis farms and drug factories that have been shut down will be shown. Criminal gangs often remove internal walls and floors to maximise the space they have to grow cannabis and install watering and lighting systems that are dangerous and pose fire and electrocution risks.

Information reproduced from Greater Manchester Police Website Homepage

Visit GMP website and read more about cannabis farms and the course for landlords next week, places on the course may still be available



Managers could ‘alienate staff’ through issuing drug testing

Staff could feel alienated by drug tests.

Managers could end up ‘alienating’ staff and even breaching their human rights by insisting on drug tests within the workplace.

That is according to the drugs charity Release, which has reported a four-fold increase in the number of calls it receives relating to testing on employees.

That is according to the drugs charity Release, which has reported a four-fold increase in the number of calls it receives relating to testing on employees.

Notably, it has revealed that many of those organisations taking such measures are those working in sectors where testing for drugs has rarely been an issue, such as the finance and clerical sectors, with the charity explaining that this upturn could be down to the fact that many managers are looking to get rid of workers without having to make redundancy payouts.

Indeed, many of the employees getting in touch with the charity reported that their employers had announced planned voluntary redundancies just prior to giving staff workplace medicals, which often included drugs tests.

Advising employers on the importance of good management practice in this area, executive director of Release Sebastian Saville said: “This is a worrying practice that may well breach employees’ human rights and their rights to privacy.

“Employers risk alienating staff by forcing them into intrusive tests and should be supporting any staff member who might be experiencing drug problems, not using it as an excuse to make cheap redundancies.”

Testing for illicit substances is already commonplace in organisations where workers are required to operate machinery or undertake driving tasks.

Information taken from learndirect website

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