Drug Test FAQ’s

Drug testing often raises as many questions as it resolves. Here is a list of the most common queries we receive.

  • Are the drug tests accurate  ~ instant drug tests are very accurate with between 97-99% accuracy compared to lab drug test proceedures
  • How sensitive are the drug tests ~ there is variation between brands but all test to tiny concentration levels ng/ml nanogrammes/ ml
  • How long do drug tests detect for ~ see our drug test detection times section, again brands and types vary
  • Will medications affect the result ~ possibly, the manufacturer will have a list of cross reacting substances available
  • What is best, urine or saliva drug tests ~ urine drug test detection times are longer, but saliva is easier to collect
  • What is chain of custody ~ the proceedure followed in collecting and testing the sample ensuring it’s fresh, unadulerated and from the person you think.
  • Should instant drug tests be confirmed ~ only where a positive indicator is shown, all suspected positive detections need confirmation
  • What is the standard employment combination drug test ~ cannabis, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine & methamphetamine
  • Does drinking massive amounts work ~ only in the few hours around when the result would be turning negative anyway

For a more comprehensive guide to drug testing visit UKDrugTesting.co.uk