Drug Testing Teenagers | How to screen your kids for Cannabis use

With drug use on the increase in under 16 year olds in the UK, worried parents are turning to home drug test kits to identify specific drug problems in their teenagers.  Consumers are able to purchase a variety of testing kits which will identify if drug residues are still present in either saliva or a urine sample.

Saliva drug tests are prefered as they are easy to take without a doubt over the sample having come fresh from the donor. Urine drug tests will detect further back in time, but obtaining and handling a urine sample can be problematic for some parents.

The accuracy of both formats is very high at a quoted 98-99% compared to laboratory GC/MS tests methods (the gold standard in drug screening)  Both saliva and urine drug tests give results within 5 minutes which is a great advantage.

Expect to pay between £3 to £10 for single or multipack urine drug tests and a little more for saliva drug tests.

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