Breath Test Alcohol-breathalyzer test kits UK

Breath tests for alcohol are widely available and work to set cut off levels, These are 0.02%BAC,(HSE occupational cut off) 0.05%BAC(European driving level) and 0.08%BAC (UK drive prosecution level)

The breathalyzer test kits are used once and then disposed into normal waste services.

Breath alcohol tests are available in packs of 3 and 6 and 20 tests. no specialist training is required to use the tests as a simple colour change confirms if the alcohol level is below the cutt off level or above it, making result interpretation simple.

The accuracy of breath alcohol test disposable breathalysers is very high at over 99% they are also stable and come with long expiry dates, making them ideal for users who may only need to test a few times a year or for a single event.

They are also the first choice for parents, wishing to police underage alcohol use.

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