Digital Breathalyzer UK-what should you expect to pay?

Digital Breathalyzers are available for personal and business (also healthcare) users from a variety of professional suppliers.

As the breathalyzers require specialist servicing and technical support, they have not been sold via major electrical retailers, so most suppliers are internet specialist companies such as

Digital Alcohol Breathalyzers use digital semi-conductor and fuel cell technologies to selectively detect alcohol being excreated via the lungs to determine actual blood alcohol levels at the time of testing.

Samples are taken over 5 seconds and unit levels are displayed after conversion to usually either %BAC or mg/100ml BAC. Some models are available which directly display the breath alcohol concentration BrAC, but these are rare.

Cheaper digital breathalyzer units should be avoided because they are inaccurate and un-reliable. Entry level guidance is £40, expect to pay £80-100 for a high end alcohol breathalyzer unit with inbuilt electronic safety checking technologies (these ensure the unit tells you if it needs servicing)

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