Drug Testing Cannabis

Drug testing Cannabis users is now fast, simple, reliable and cheap with instant results.

Modern drug screening technology gives virtually instant results and drug testing protocols are simple, noninvasive and specifically designed to foil the most common methods of cheating the drug test (sample swapping and dilution).

In most instances, cannabis drug testing will be covered as part of a multi-drug test which will meet the needs of employers.

Stang alone drug testing kits for cannabis are also available as a single membrane drug test using either urine or saliva samples. These cannabis drug tests give instant results at the point of testing and indicate recent, significant use. Hair analysis is another option for cannabis testing. Reporting over 90 days hair analysis detects residues inbedded in the hair when it is growing. Results are not available for 5-7 days, but it is the only method able to detect back over this length of time.

Drug testing kits for Cannabis approximate costs

  • Urine Cannabis Test £2.00

  • Saliva Cannabis Test £6.00

  • Hair Cannabis Test £90.00