How fast can your child get Cannabis ?

Just read an interesting article in the news in brief section of this months edition of Drink and Drugs News. (DDN)

Recent research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) indicated that nearly 80% of young people questioned can get hold of Cannabis in under 1 hour.

They found that most of the 11-19 year olds questioned buy Cannabis from friends with only 6% using what is traditionally regarded as a dealer.

The JRF found on questioning that most of the teenage friends questioned were sharing the cost of Cannabis rather than profiting from the onward distribution.

Conclusion, in the 11-19 age range at a local level cannabis supply is more social than commercial.

Cannabis urine drug testing kits

Wide drug detection on 10 panel drug test

A single drug test kit, but 10 individual results, screening for 10 drug groups on a single urine sample. The Instalert 10 panel drug test kit card is the ultimate in drug screening, offering professional quality performance and low unit cost.

The 10 panel drug test is available in 2 test proceedural options, as a straight 10 panel dip drug test card for urine and also integrated into the best selling E-Z cup drug test collection, sampling and storage system.

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Using a Home Breathalyzer- FAQs

What is the UK drink driving legal limt currently ?

Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) – 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 80mg/ml, 080 on mg/100ml display or 0.08 %BAC, 0.8 Promille

Breath Alcohol Concentrations (BrAC) – 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath BrAC

What is the best buy for home breathalyser use ?

Higher price does not always mean higher accuracy, as the expensive breathalyser models are designed to be serviced regularly to maintain their accuracy and don’t have on board self diagnostics.

Here are some key points to consider when buying a DIY digital breathalyser:

1) Insist on interchangeable sensors – without this you are tied to sending the breathalyser regularly to a service centre for calibration services.

2) The breathalyser must have selectivity of no less than +/-0.01% BAC which is the same as +/- 10mg/100ml BAC. (avoid units with +/-0.02% and over)

3) Choose your display scale and stick to it, most digital breathalysers either display as %BAC or mg/100ml BAC  (BAC=Blood Alcohol Concentration) don’t confuse this with BrAC .(Breath Alcohol Concentration) which is available but rarer.

4) Be realistic, under £25 and you are getting a novelty device which you should not rely upon. Expect to pay £35-£70 for a digital breathalyser which will work well, give reliable readings, cost £15-20 to replace the sensor (every 300 tests or 6 monthly)

Can I rely on the results when choosing to drive ?

No. Breathalysers should not be used to test your ability to drive legally, as a breathalyser will measure only your current blood alcohol levels. These can rise after testing if the unit is being used immeditaely after drinking. Breathalysers should be used the morning after to confirm that alcohol has left the body.

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Workplace drug testing increasingly popular with employers in the UK

The growth of employment or workplace drug screening continues, despite the slowdown in recruitment of 2009. A larger workforce seeking employment and more applicants per vacancy has given prospective employers greater power to choose and more reason to distinguish between candidates. Pre-employment health screening including a drug test is now more widely used than ever, with employers looking to reduce their healthcare vunerability and costs.

The main growth in drug screening has been amongst employment agencies, many of whom report an increase willingness in clients to request both a drug and alcohol screening element of routine pre-employment testing. Employment agencies are ideally placed to perform these drug tests, as they are seen as independent of the recruiting company and have the experience and facilities to undertake drug screening as part of the routine health care screening program. There size also enables cost effective purchasing of bulk on-site drug testing products direct from manufactuers. The most widely used testing screen for on-site instant drug testing by agencies is the integrated ez split key cup 6 panel drug test which reports urine results for Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Benzodiazepines and Opiates (Heroin). This covers most of the common recreational dependent drug groups of interest to employers, and offers a convenient collection and handling system, with no urine spillage for around £5.00 per complete drug test kit.

Workplace drug testing is forcast to grow in 2010 as the UK employment conditions improve and employers further extend the use of drug screening to improve the quality and productivity of their workforce.

A manager from a medium size logistics company recently advised us, “previously drug tests have only been performed when a problem has surfaced and we suspected individuals, after testing for drugs we realised the motivational benefits of performing low level random drug screening, and how this worked to prevent problems arising. Our guys are not going to risk loosing their jobs, now they know we drug test.”

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The use of Mephedrone 4-Methylmethcathinone seems to be on the increase with vast amounts of the drug about and costs dropping from around £15 per gram to around £3.50

Police are currently unable to do anything about it as the compound remains legal. Some is being sold by dealers as illegal, as perceptions exist that illegal is stronger and will result in a better high.  Young users also percieve that the legal status does suggest less risk to their health, the argument being, if it was dangerouse they would have banned it immediately.

Using behaviour suggests binge use is growing with 3 or 7 day binges and some addictive traits. Similarities to Methylamphetamine / Methamphetamine have been made, but chemically the drug is based on compounds in khat. Currently there is no data of the chemical half life, potency of psycoactive elements or neuro-pharmacological effect.

A&E departments are starting to see attendances linkd to Mephadrone overdoses, sever anxiety, vomiting and aggressive episodes. Sleep disturbance is also reported.

Young experimental users appear drawn to Mephedrone as they do no risk breaking the law.

Cheap Breathalyser warning

Cheap digital breathalysers don’t work. A UK investigation into digital breathalysers being offered on e-bay and other auction sites for as little as £3.00 found that without exception the units either failed completely or gave wildly inaccurate readings.

The advice was clear. Do not buy from un-identified private traders. Ensure companies are offering full post sales support and look for expert knowledge in the field together with clear UK based contact details

Expect to pay £40.00 upwards for a serious digital breathalyser with service capability (all breathalysers will need regular servicing to maintain accuracy) Digital breathalysers below this and without service ability or changeable sensors must be viewed as consumable/disposable.

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Cocaine saliva test available in the UK

UK Drug Testing have further supplies of their oral view saliva cocaine test kit now available.

The test kit detects cocaine and crack cocaine use for up to 24 hrs using a sample of saliva.

The test membrane is very specific for cocaine with high selectivity and accuracy of over 99% results take just 5 minutes and with few chain of custody issues the whole proceedure can be done easily with immediate preliminary results.

Cocaine Saliva drug tests are available to purchase at UKDrugtesting

Cocaine associated with 3% of sudden death

A spanish study examining the causes of cardiac linked sudden death has found a direct link with Coacaine in over 3%.

This further proves that there are cardiac risks every time you use Cocaine.  Cocaine is not a safe party drug. Cardiac symptoms are a direct effect of cocaine usage and life threatening cardiac events can happen in otherwise healthy young poeple with no history of cardiac problems.

Cannabis home saliva test kit

UK Drug Testing have further supplies of their home saliva cannabis detection kit available.

The simple to use saliva drug test will detect cannabis accurately and with high specificity. The test cut off levels are set to exclude passive smoking, so any positive results are confident indicators of THC direct use.

The oral thc test takes just 5 minutes with positive or negative results with over 99% accuracy compared to laboratory equivalents.

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