The use of Mephedrone 4-Methylmethcathinone seems to be on the increase with vast amounts of the drug about and costs dropping from around £15 per gram to around £3.50

Police are currently unable to do anything about it as the compound remains legal. Some is being sold by dealers as illegal, as perceptions exist that illegal is stronger and will result in a better high.  Young users also percieve that the legal status does suggest less risk to their health, the argument being, if it was dangerouse they would have banned it immediately.

Using behaviour suggests binge use is growing with 3 or 7 day binges and some addictive traits. Similarities to Methylamphetamine / Methamphetamine have been made, but chemically the drug is based on compounds in khat. Currently there is no data of the chemical half life, potency of psycoactive elements or neuro-pharmacological effect.

A&E departments are starting to see attendances linkd to Mephadrone overdoses, sever anxiety, vomiting and aggressive episodes. Sleep disturbance is also reported.

Young experimental users appear drawn to Mephedrone as they do no risk breaking the law.