Drug Test Detection Periods For Urine And Saliva

Drug test detection periods vary depending on the type of drug test used.

Drug test Detection Periods for Urine

As a rough guide onsite instant urine drug tests will detect drug use for up t0 3-5 days since last drug use with the exception of Cannabis which can stay in the system for up to 30 days. The drug test detection period does vary slightly from drug to drug and depends on the sensitivity of the drug testing kit being used.

Saliva Drug Test Detection Periods

As a rough guide onsite instant saliva drug tests (taken using a mouth swab) will detect drug use for between up to 7-72 hours since last drug use. There is a lot of variance in the detection times for the different brands of saliva drug testing kits.

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Cocaine Identification

How do you tell if the white powder you have found is Cocaine ?

Cocaine surface residue swabs have been available for some time enabling parents, businesses to wipe a surface that they suspect may be contaminated with cocaine.

The Cocaine drug detection swabs are easy to use & cost effective. To perform the cocaine swab you simply wipe the swab across the surface that you suspect is contaminated with cocaine, and the swab changes colour if Cocaine is detected. The Cocaine swab test is useful when only trace amounts of cocaine are present.

‘Cocaine Torches’ are also a very useful way of identifying traces of Cocaine powder. The torch is a simple ultra violet torch commonly used for identifying security markings on items, or counterfeit bank notes. You simply shine the torch onto the surface you suspect of being contaminated by cocaine powder. Incidentally many bank notes may show cocaine residues.

Cocaine torches have recently been used by some UK police forces to detect cocaine powder on club goers nostrils, as the cocaine powder flouresces. Health concerns have been expressed that the UV torches may be hazardous if used in this way due to UV light entering the eye.

If you have found a large amount of white powder sufficient to collect then it is possible to perform a drug test on this for identification purposes.

The cocaine drug identification test can be done by either sending the sample away to a drug testing lab for identification or by performing an onsite drug test using a urine drug testing kit on a small amount of the powder dissolved in water.

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Urine Drug Testing FAQ | How to do a urine drug test

Undertaking drug testing for the first time can be a daunting task, but the basic procedure is very simple.

An initial urine sample is collected and brought to room temperature (usually 20 minutes) The sample is then tested using a standard panel combination drug test. The cut off levels for drug test panels is internationally agreed and traditionally work to SAMHSA and NIDA levels for urine analysis.

Professionally produced and batch certified drug testing urine kits are between 97 and 99% accurate when compared in studies to laboratory drug screening using GC/MS methods. This level of accuracy is considered by all bodies as high enough to be acceptable for all negative onsite drug test results.

In simple terms, if the instant drug test result is all normal, and the sample collection and procedure are all acceptable no further action need be taken.

Confirming all positive results is essential in a workplace situation. No further action should be taken before laboratory GC/MS confirmation of a positive result is obtained.

Where employment drug testing is part of a occupational risk assessment for a high risk occupation, the employee should not be allowed to perform this task pending the confirmation result, but no disciplinary or penalty action must be taken by the employer before absolute confirmation is obtained.

Standard drug test panel combinations for the UK and EU employment drug testing tend to be THC, COC, AMP, MET, MOP

THC = Cannabis 50ng

COC = Cocaine 300ng

AMP= Amphetamine 1000ng

MOP = Opiates 300ng

MET = Methamphetamine 1000ng

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