Cocaine swab test still the fastest surface cocaine detection test

Its as simple as runing a wet wipe on any surface and checking for a blue colour change. That’s how fast and simple it can be to detect the presence of cocaine powder residues on surfaces using the cocaine swab test

Cocaine test swabs have been used for many years reliably to screen for cocaine. The swab test is suitable for dry surfaces in almost any environments. It works on tiny amounts of the drug residue, so a visible powder is not needed.

The cocaine swab is not suitable for screening humans and should not be used on skin (cocaine saliva and urine screens are available for in-vitro human testing in these situations)

It is recommended that a latex glove should be worn when performing the cocaine swab test to avoid exposure to the chemical reagents and avoid any posibility of cross contamination.

Results are fast with the colour change occuring almost immediately. Currently there is no easy or available commercial confirmation test, but the reliability and accuracy specificity of the swab is high.

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Multi dru​g test cup with adulteration test launched

Multi-panel drug test cup with a built-in adulteration test strip

UK Drug Testing has recently launched a new 10-panel multi-drug test in the UK incorporating an integrated urine adulteration test.

The cup drug test offers convenient sample collection and instant individual screening results for 10 common drug groups, including cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, heroin etc.

Urine can be stored in the collection cup prior to drug testing or tested immediately following collection. The inclusion of an adulteration test allows high levels of confidence that the sample has not been adulterated, diluted or tampered with.

All results are screened to internationally agreed cut off levels with an accuracy of 98-99% compared to laboratory GC/MS drug testing.

This level of accuracy is comparable to all leading brand near-patient drug test available in Europe and the kit is manufactured by a world-leading production company with decades of experience in biotechnology and drug screening.

The drug testing kit has full batch certification IVDD CE and ISO TUV certs and is provided with professional data sheet instructions.

Further details of the 10 drug eco-cup with adulteration test available from UK Drug Testing

Cocaine and Cannabis drug tests should be part of a multi-drug test

Screening in isolation for cannabis and cocaine can be a false economy. Specific drug group tests are only really suitable for individuals, self testing or for specific post exposure clearance drug screening. For point of care drugs of abuse screening it will always be better to use a multi-panel drug screen covering the common recreational drugs of abuse and/or addiction.

The common drug panels used include the original 5 panel drug test used wideley in employment drug testing, Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Opiates and where a younger age group is targeted the 5 panel combination Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA

Both  5 panel & other common multipanel drug tests are available online at UK Drug Testing

E-Z collection cup urine drug tests

E-Z drug test cups have been available for many years and have proved popular with both the drug treatment agencies and also with business users who wish to perform urine drug testing in the workplace.

The integrated urine collection and storage cup with built in drug test panel offers easy sample collection, and spill free storage and handling.

The urine drug test panel gives immediate on-site results to NIDA cut off levels for up to 10 drug groups.

Negative urine samples can be disgarded, while any positive urine samples can be retained, sealed with tamper proof seals (provided in all professional 25 test packs) and sent for laboratory comfirmation.

The E-Z urine drug test cup is available in a range of urine drug test combination from 5 to 10 drug groups depending on the requirments of the end user from

The EZ collection cup system offers an ideal urine drug test system where facilities for sample collection and processing may be limited. The Instalert professional standard urine drug test membrane supplied as standard offers high accuracy and detection rates to CE EU IVDD standards, and is considered one of the best near patient urine drug screening products available.