Multi drug test cup with adulteration test launched

UK Drug Testing have recently launched a new 10 panel multi drug test in the UK incorporating and integrated urine adulteration test.

The cup drug test offers convenient sample collection and instant individual screening results for 10 common drug groups, including cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, heroin etc.

Urine can be stored in the collection cup prior to drug testing or tested immediately following collection. The inclusion of an adulteration test allows high levels of confidence that the sample has not been adulterated, diluted or tampered with.

All results are screened to internationally agreed cut off levels with accuracy of 98-99% compared to laboratory GC/MS drug testing.

This level of accuracy is comparable to all leading brand near patient drug test available in Europe and the kit is manufactured by a world leading production company with decades of experience in biotechnology and drug screening.

The drug testing kit has full batch certification IVDD CE and ISO TUV certs and is provided with professional data sheet instructions.

Further details of the 10 drug eco-cup with adulteration test

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