Cocaine swab test still the fastest surface cocaine detection test

Its as simple as runing a wet wipe on any surface and checking for a blue colour change. That’s how fast and simple it can be to detect the presence of cocaine powder residues on surfaces using the cocaine swab test

Cocaine test swabs have been used for many years reliably to screen for cocaine. The swab test is suitable for dry surfaces in almost any environments. It works on tiny amounts of the drug residue, so a visible powder is not needed.

The cocaine swab is not suitable for screening humans and should not be used on skin (cocaine saliva and urine screens are available for in-vitro human testing in these situations)

It is recommended that a latex glove should be worn when performing the cocaine swab test to avoid exposure to the chemical reagents and avoid any posibility of cross contamination.

Results are fast with the colour change occuring almost immediately. Currently there is no easy or available commercial confirmation test, but the reliability and accuracy specificity of the swab is high.

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