Drug Testing Teenagers

As teenagers start to navigate the Friday night, Saturday night out and party scene, the risk of both alcohol and experimental drug use becomes a real issue for many parents.

Alcohol missuse and abuse amongst teenagers is a real problem in the UK , with unsupervised alcohol exposure often preceeding experimentation with party or recreational ilicit drugs. The effects of these are not always apparent, or specific enough to spot with certainty.

This often leaves parents with the suspicion that a problem exists, but no way of persuing the matter. Teenagers will rarely admit alcohol or drug exposure unless they consider the matter would be accepted by the parent, or the effects are so apparent as to effectively be a crisis episode, with parental confrontation inevitable and unavoidable.

To enpower parents faced with these common issues, we have created a selection of drug testing kits for parents suitable for instant home drug & alcohol testing. The drug testing & alcohol testing pack gives parents immediate access to accurate alcohol detection, using a state of the art digital hand held breathalyser the DA5000. This breathalyser unit can be re-used indefinately by replacing the pre-calibrated sensor module (good for about 300 tests per module @ around £16.00 replacement cost) The teenager drug testing pack also contains a pack of 5 multipanel saliva drug screening tests which detect exposure to Cannabis (marijuana, skunk etc) and Cocaine (including crack) and Amphetamines (speed and meth, crystal ice etc). The drug and alcohol testing kits are available for next day delivery within the UK.

With this drug & alcohol screening pack a simple quick and non invasive breath and saliva test, taking under 10 minutes to complete fully can exclude exposure to a range of common recreational drugs and alcohol.

The parent’s ability to test their teenagers for drugs and alcohol , becomes a powerful motivational tool, empowering the teenager to say no under peer pressure to experiment.

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Breathalyzers for sale

The current range of breathalyzers that are for sale in UK include an extensive range of re-usable digital breathalyzers, and a range of single use disposable breathalyzer kits.

Digital breathalyzers for sale

  • can be used multiple times
  • can be more cost effective if you are doing multiple tests
  • a good model starts from just under £35 upwards
  • ideal for personal use or clinic use
  • better breathalyzers are supplied with mouthpieces
  • breathalyzers with mouthpieces are generally more accurate than those with simply a ‘blow hole’
  • extra mouthpieces & sensors can be purchased for DA5000, AL6000, Al7000 & DA7000  breathalyzers.
  • some breathalyzers (DA5000, AL6000, AL7000 & DA7000) have clip in clip out sensors which makes servicing quick & easy
  • DA8000 breathalyzer offers fuel cell high accuracy breath testing

Single use Breathalyzer kits for sale

  • ideal if you only need to do an occaisonal breath alcohol test
  • disposable-simply discard after use
  • very easy to use
  • available in 3 cut off levels 0.02%BAC for zero tolerance testing, 0.05%BAC for European Driving limit and 0.08%BAC for UK prosecution level.
  • reliable results in under 2 minutes
  • portable-fit in a pocket, glove box or purse

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