Breathalyzers for sale

The current range of breathalyzers that are for sale in UK include an extensive range of re-usable digital breathalyzers, and a range of single use disposable breathalyzer kits.

Digital breathalyzers for sale

  • can be used multiple times
  • can be more cost effective if you are doing multiple tests
  • a good model starts from just under £35 upwards
  • ideal for personal use or clinic use
  • better breathalyzers are supplied with mouthpieces
  • breathalyzers with mouthpieces are generally more accurate than those with simply a ‘blow hole’
  • extra mouthpieces & sensors can be purchased for DA5000, AL6000, Al7000 & DA7000  breathalyzers.
  • some breathalyzers (DA5000, AL6000, AL7000 & DA7000) have clip in clip out sensors which makes servicing quick & easy
  • DA8000 breathalyzer offers fuel cell high accuracy breath testing

Single use Breathalyzer kits for sale

  • ideal if you only need to do an occaisonal breath alcohol test
  • disposable-simply discard after use
  • very easy to use
  • available in 3 cut off levels 0.02%BAC for zero tolerance testing, 0.05%BAC for European Driving limit and 0.08%BAC for UK prosecution level.
  • reliable results in under 2 minutes
  • portable-fit in a pocket, glove box or purse

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