Drug testing in the workplace

More and more companies in the UK are now routinely undertaking regular drug and alcohol testing programs. Leading the way are safety critical employers, where drug screening is an integral element of health and safety proceedure. UK Employment agencies are increasingly being requested to provide drug and alcohol tests as part of a routine pre-employment screen, and as an ongoing certification requirement for contract or agency staff, being deployed in safety critical employment environments.

Drug testing in the workplace need be no more taxing for employers than a routine urine dip health test for kidney disease or diabetes, and is available from under £4.00 per test.

Urine drug screening products offer the most cost effective and best route for effective detection of drug use in the preceeding 72hrs.

Many testing agencies would prefer to test using a saliva drug test kit, until they understand the much shorter period of detection achievable with instant on site saliva drug tests (12-24hrs in most drug group) Of course this can be an advantage where agencies are concerned only with detecting recent or active drugs, currently still in the employee and still likely to be psychoactive and affecting performance.

Urine drug tests will detect the use of drugs in the last 3 to 5 days, so they will detect recreational Cannabis, Ecstacy and Amphetamine use (club drugs) used on a Friday and Saturday, in employee drug tests on Monday or Tuesday.

A full list of product specific drug detection times is available from www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk with drug test detection times 

Packs specifically taylored to employers needs for drugs and alcohol testing are available from www.valuebreathalysers.co.uk

Which is the best digital breathalyzer for me ?

This is a common question that we are asked.

With the party season fast approaching, many individuals and businesses are looking to purchase a breathalyser for breath alcohol testing, the morning after the night before. With so many digital breathalyzers on the market at the present time, knowing which one to choose can be quite confusing.

The three digital breathalyzers that we recommend currently are the DA5000 (£40.85), the AL6000 (£70.50) and the AL7000 (£84.60) .

They are all easy to use, robust & accurate. They all use mouthpieces & have changeable sensors which can be easily changed by the user when required.

Alcoscan AL6000 Breathalyzer

 The Alcoscan AL6000 breathalyzer was the worlds 1st digital breathalyzer with replacable calibrated sensor modules, meaning that the breathalyzer does not need to be sent away for servicing. The servicing is done simply & easily by purchasing a new sensor module,  removing the old sensor module and replacing it with the new sensor module.

Al6000 breathalyzer features:

  • easy to use
  • one way flow mouthpiece
  • self diagnostic system
  • dual mode operation:normal & fast mode
  • digital display with passive test mode
  • audible alerts
  • low battery indicator
  • single button operation
  • active pressure sensor
  • deep lung air sampling
  • cumulative test counter
  • CE, FDA, ROHS, DOT approved
  • supplied with 2 AA batteries, 5 mouthpieces, carrying pouch, hand strap & user manual

To find out more about the Al6000 breathalyzer and other breathalyzers visit Value Breathalysers UK