Alcoscan AL6000 Breathalyzer

 The Alcoscan AL6000 breathalyzer was the worlds 1st digital breathalyzer with replacable calibrated sensor modules, meaning that the breathalyzer does not need to be sent away for servicing. The servicing is done simply & easily by purchasing a new sensor module,  removing the old sensor module and replacing it with the new sensor module.

Al6000 breathalyzer features:

  • easy to use
  • one way flow mouthpiece
  • self diagnostic system
  • dual mode operation:normal & fast mode
  • digital display with passive test mode
  • audible alerts
  • low battery indicator
  • single button operation
  • active pressure sensor
  • deep lung air sampling
  • cumulative test counter
  • CE, FDA, ROHS, DOT approved
  • supplied with 2 AA batteries, 5 mouthpieces, carrying pouch, hand strap & user manual

To find out more about the Al6000 breathalyzer and other breathalyzers visit Value Breathalysers UK