Alcohol test strip kit

DAL-701 is a professional standard alcohol test kit supplied in packs of 25 alcohol test strips or bulk 250 alcohol test packs.

The alcohol test is a professional In Vitro Medical Diagnostic test IVDD CE certified for professional alcohol detection in saliva. A simple saliva sample is taken and added to a reactive pad on the alcohol test strip. The colour change at 2 minutes indicates a semi-quantitative blood alcohol level at the time of sampling.

The alcohol test is also widely used to dip into other liquids as an instant test for alcohol. The result is not semi-quantitative if the fluid tested is not saliva. Care must be taken to avoid liquids containing strong azo blue dyes, high caffeine levels and extreme pH products, but considering these limitations the test makes a very cost-effective immediate point of test alcohol screen with the option of immediate saliva testing to evaluate blood alcohol levels if alcohol consumption is suspected.

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Professional Drug Tests from UKDrugTesting now offers UK purchasers the widest range of professional branded drug tests and alcohol screens. Professional drug tests are certified by the European regulator under IVDD CE regulations and must meet the exacting standards for selectivity, sensitivity and accuracy required by professional testing agencies. Each batch is individually tested and certified before release.

Just as critical to the performance of the professional drug test is the importation and storage of the biotech drug testing product, using temperature regulated freight and warehousing to ensure against thermal degeneration is essential. As a trading devision of Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd, we ensure all these exacting standards are met for our drug testings kits & products, and all other biotech diagnostic ranges.

Our leading brands include the InstAlert range of urine and saliva drug testing kits including the E-Z 10 panel cup drug test and multi-panel urine drug tests from 3 drug up to 10 drug test combinations, single drug tests are also available in a range of device drug tests and strip dip drug test options. Also available is the Eco cup drug testing products in 6 drug or 10 drug option, including an adulteration test (10drug eco)

UK Drug Testing also offers the largest range of saliva drug tests ( oral fluid drug tests) of any drug testing kits supplier in the UK with ranges from Oraline, First Sign, Instant View, InstAlert and also single panels saliva drug tests for cannabis and cocaine.

All these professional drug test products are designed to give accurate instant results in under 10 minutes. A full range of drug detection times are shown for the professional drug tests on the web site home page, under the detection link

UK Drug Testing and Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd supply directly to NHS purchasing departments accross the UK. Professional drug testing packs are also supplied directly to UK drug and Alcohol services, both in the public and private sector, universities, research projects and clinical trials, Prison and police projects and employment and business drug and alcohol screening services. guarantees to match of better your existing supplier or current  “best offer” for professional drug testing kits on a like for like basis, and alsways supply supperior quality product from trusted and proven manufacturers that we know will not let you down. All our products are backed with full UK customer product support for technical and data queries. Initial enquiries regarding professional drug testing kits should be made by phone on 01263 731 168 or by e-mail using

Personal Breathalyser for self testing

We are often asked which of the range of digital breathalysers currently on the market offers the best value for money while still giving accurate readings.

The UK is currently flooded with very cheap breathalysers retailing for under £10 on many auction site. Many are offered from Hong Kong or other off shore locations and suggest high levels of accuracy and performance. Most of these models will not give any reliable readings and the seller will usually be untraceable if customer service is required.

With digital breathalysers you get what you pay for. Look for a reliable seller and check them out before you purchase. They need established experience of digital breathalysers and should offer a full range of breathalysers, spares and consumables such as

So which breathalyser is recommended as best value for money. It still remains the DA5000 hand held digital breathalyser. The DA5000 breathalyser offers excellent accuracy, low cost consumables and spares, has been available since 2008 and is expected to continue in manufacture for many years due to its popularity and cost. Used by 1000’s of purchasers for years and with high reliablility, it remains the best value on the market currently.

Nicotine Test Kits Detect Smoking

A new smoking detection self test kit for nicotine is now available in the UK from UK Drug Testing

The urine nicotine test kit detects cotinine, a 1st metabolite of nicotine as it is processed and excreted by the body.

The Nicotine test kit detects just 200ng/ml of cotinine, while this is a tiny amount, the level is set to exclude passive inhalation which would not result in excreation at this level.

The nicotine test kit will detect cigarette use within 60 minutes and should stay positive for between 48 and 72 hrs after nicotine use. This allows you to test for smoking simply & quickly.

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Breathalyzer Buying Guide | Best Breathalyzer Review

Seasonal drink driving awareness is upon us again and the purchase of digital breathalyzer products increases as individual and business purchasers seek to protect and educate. Breathalyzers are often criticised for allowing or tempting users to drink and then drive while under the prosecution limits, but none the less under the influence of alcohol. In practice their use is far more commonly restricted to individuals testing that all alcohol has gone the morning after a social event, prior to considering driving, and company and business policy is more safety orientated and educational versus punative.

There are a large number of breathalyzers on the market which make choosing which one is right for your needs difficult. With this is mind we thought it would be useful to do breathalyzer buying guide, to help make choosing a breathalyzer easier.

Lets start with breathalyzer terminology which in itself can be confusing. Most breathalyzers either diplay BAC or BrAC

BAC = Blood alcohol concentration commonly displayed as a percentage %BAC or mg/100ml

BrAC = Breath alcohol concentration

Few breathlysers display in BrAC, most are mg/100ml BAC display units, doing the electronic conversion for the tester. These scales can be confusing, but just remember all European prosecutions are on the basis of eqivalent BAC levels, so a simple BAC display is best.

Do you require a fuel cell breathalyser or is a semi conductor sensor adequate ? Well fuel sensors do offer a small amount of greater accuracy, but at the levels we are talking about this 4th decimel place is simply irrelavent to all but scientific researchers. If you insist on a fuel cell breathalyzer,  you are going to pay a lot more and have to return the breathalyzer to a service centre for calibration service every few months to maintain the accuracy.

Go for a semi conductor sensor breathalyser model with changeable sensor modules. Simply replace the sensor module when the breathalyzer instructs with a new pre-calibrated sensor and never have to send the unit away for service. Models start from under £40 and the sensors are under half the price of a service centre calibration. Most semi conductor breathalyzers give 3 decimel place accuracy (more than enough for all self and business testers)

Best value breathalyzers this season remain the DA5000 , with the AL6000 and AL7000 models coming a close second