Personal Breathalyser for self testing

We are often asked which of the range of digital breathalysers currently on the market offers the best value for money while still giving accurate readings.

The UK is currently flooded with very cheap breathalysers retailing for under £10 on many auction site. Many are offered from Hong Kong or other off shore locations and suggest high levels of accuracy and performance. Most of these models will not give any reliable readings and the seller will usually be untraceable if customer service is required.

With digital breathalysers you get what you pay for. Look for a reliable seller and check them out before you purchase. They need established experience of digital breathalysers and should offer a full range of breathalysers, spares and consumables such as

So which breathalyser is recommended as best value for money. It still remains the DA5000 hand held digital breathalyser. The DA5000 breathalyser offers excellent accuracy, low cost consumables and spares, has been available since 2008 and is expected to continue in manufacture for many years due to its popularity and cost. Used by 1000’s of purchasers for years and with high reliablility, it remains the best value on the market currently.