Drug Testing FAQ-how long will a urine drug test stay positive after last Cannabis use ?

This is a frequent question regarding urine drug testing as Cannabis stays in the system much longer than other drugs, and can still be detected on a urine drug test for up 30 days in some individuals.

After a one off Cannabis use Cannabis will have cleared the system and not be detectable in most peoples urine sample by about 5-7 days. However this is not always so as Cannabis clearance is affected by many factors including the individuals fat levels. As Cannabis can be stored in the body in fat a leaner individual will clear Cannabis from their system faster than an obese individual.

What other factors affect how quickly Cannabis clears from the system ?

  • body fat
  • total body mass
  • frequency of use
  • strength of Cannabis used eg Cannabis resin & skunk contains more of the active THC
  • duration of Cannabis use

For more information on Drug test detection times visit http://www.drug-testing-kit.co.uk/acatalog/Detection_Times.html