Best Breathalyzer for Christmas 2011

Which is the best breathalyzer for my money ?

Every year at around this time of year we are asked this question. For many it is the start of the autumn and winter social calender that prompts a personal breathalyzer purchase.

Why buy a breathalyzer you may ask ?
With the start of the office party season looming many people want to be able to check  that they are ok to drive ‘the morning after the night before’

We would never advocate drinking and driving as it is so dangerous. It is much safer to take a taxi or get a lift with a non drinking colleague to the party. However there has been a lot of cases in the news over the last couple of years of people being breathalyzed on their way to work, and still being over the limit !

Others are simply researching for a great christmas gift for a male relative, boyfriend or friend. I’m sorry I know it’s only September, but christmas cards are in the charity shops already and it certainly makes a change from socks.

We thought you may find it useful if we reviewed, what are in our opinion the best value for money breathalyzers on the market for christmas 2011

Accuracy and reliability matters

When making a breathalyzer purchase online for yourself or to give as a gift it is important to remember that accuracy and reliability of readings are important, and that you do get what you pay for. Avoid cheap keyring breathalyzers as they are just for fun breathalyzers really, and should not be relied upon.

Instead choose a quality personal digital breathalyzer such as the latest model  DA5000 breathalyzer which once again continues to offer great value for money for christmas 2011 or a single use disposable breathalyzer if you only need an occaisonal test

If you are happy to spend a little more then opt for superior & more robust AL7000 breathalyzer with clip in clip out sensor.

Click here to see a range of great value quality digital breathalyzers & single use disposable breathalyzers for christmas 2011 that are available to buy online 

Let us know what you think and which are your favourite breathalyzers for 2011 if you have a breathalyzer review then please leave it in comments.

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One thought on “Best Breathalyzer for Christmas 2011

  1. We are also feel that the DA5000 is the best value for money breathalyzer for 2011.

    If you want to spend a little more it is also worth looking at the DA8000 fuel cell breathalyzer which offers fuel cell accuracy & precision, reliability and stability over a long period of use although it does have to be serviced every 3-6 months if in regular use to maintain its accuracy.

    Click here for more info on the DA8000

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